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LFCC, High Society and Wales (aka Merlin Location Tour) - Part 1

I'm back for two weeks already, but somehow never found time to post anything from my latest trip to good old England and Wales. So, what about now? ;)

First (same as last year) I went to London Film and Comic Con, which was even bigger than last year due to the new location, Olympia Kensington.


And this was only part of the ground floor, there were three more floors with guests, photo booths, stalls (many, many stalls!) and lots more!

But although there were about a hundred guests including Michael J. Fox and Sigourney Weaver, I only bought 4 photo ops and one autograph. I really had to restrain myself, but on the other hand I was able to really enjoy this without rushing back and forth in the heat. From what I heard from others it was quite stressful to reach certain places in the venue in time for photos and stuff. ;) Also, my bank account was almost pleased with me, well, I'm sure it would've been if I hadn't bought 2 shirts and a bracelet as well. ^^

Originally I had photo ops for Noah Wyle and Charles Dance, but alas both of them cancelled. So, I chose some IMO worthy substitutes... ;)


Yeah, I finally met Alexander Siddig! :D And when I told him, that he was signing my Merlin autograph book he immediately caught on to that while proudly announcing: "See? I still remember a line!" What a lovely guy! ♥ And very, very handsome as well!

Of course, the two musketeers Luke and Tom were very lovely and handsome, too. ;) Catherine Tate on the other hand looked quite exhausted by the time I got to her (unfortunately because I bought my photo op on the day, I wasn't allowed to enter the queue until the very end of the shooting), and the fact that she lost a substantial amount of weight added to that, I guess. Honestly, I think she looked better with a few pounds more.

That weekend I also caught up with a friend of mine here from Luebeck, who lives in London at the moment. Her hubby got a temporary assignment in London and was allowed to bring his wife along. Lucky girl! :)
I told her that I just have to go to a play or something like that whenever I'm in London, and that I chose "High Society" at the Old Vic because of Rupert Young. Normally, I'm more into theatre than musicals, and she's more into opera and such, but in the end we both enjoyed this musical way more than we possibly could've imagined. :D Partly because we were so lucky with our seats. We bought the tickets only right before the performance and still got seats second row in the stalls, basically right *on* the stage (I even had no one in front of me)! But mainly because it was simply brilliant! The cast was amazing (who would've thought that Rupert Young had such a beautiful voice? ;)), the story itself was easy to follow, and the music and the whole production was exhilarating and up-lifting. At some points there was so much going on on the stage (and even above) I didn't even know where to look first. Completely and utterly brilliant! If you have the chance, go and see it! You won't regret it. ;)

Of course, I went to the stage door afterwards and luckily got some autographs.

Rupert looked quite young (no pun intended ^^), clean-shaven and short-haired as he was, but he was lovely and gracious as ever. :)


On Sunday afternoon I got on the train to Cardiff, where I stayed in a lovely little hotel, called "The One Hundred". I can only recommend the place. Not too expensive, a huge and very comfy room, great continental breakfast, and clearly two of the nicest and most helpful hosts in Cardiff (at least). I arrived there just in time for my weekly "Humans" fix. ;)

Over the next few days I made some trips to the surrounding villages, mostly those at the edge of the Brecon Beacons.

On Monday I went to Abergavenny, which in itself isn't the most exciting village in the world, but it has a nice castle ruin (which was surrounded by scaffolding) with a museum, the river Usk to walk along, apparently a very huge indoor market (which isn't open on Mondays :/) and of course a very "famous" station platform. ^^






It's called yarn bombing. ;) During a charity event in March 2015 people crocheted loads of squares to cover the trees with them.



I'm sure all Merlin fans on my f-list know why this station is significant... :D
For everyone else, watch this. ;)

Okay, I suppose I stop here, before this entry gets unreasonably long and too pic heavy.
See you soon with part 2. :)
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