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I'm back!

I had a lovely holiday. I attended LFCC in London, went to see Martin Freeman in Richard III, and did loads and loads of sightseeing in the beautiful Waterfall Country of South Wales. And what did I bring back? Yeah, you guessed it! Pictures! Tons of pictures! :D It took me a few days to sort them out, but finally I'm ready to post them. Hope you enjoy. :)

First a few pics of the London Film and Comic Con 2014. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of myself on Saturday when I did the first cosplay at a con in my life. I went as a PDS sufferer (and if you still don't know what that is, watch "In The Flesh" already! *lol*) and scared quite a few people with my white-out contact lenses. ^^ And one girl actually recognised my costume, she told me how much she loves ITF and even asked for a picture. That felt weird somehow, but kinda cool as well. :D

I actually had a photo shoot ticket with Anthony Head that day (I swapped it for my Jack Donelly shoot, which I couldn't attend because I had to catch my train to Neath on Sunday), but they cut the shoot off at no. 100 ( I had no. 188) and did the rest late in the afternoon. But because we were going to see Richard III, I had no time to wait for that. Damn! Two missed photo shoots in a row! :( At least I got my photo with David Hewlett on Sunday! Yay!

Sherlock preview on Saturday

Sue Vertue

Steven Moffat

Mark Gatiss

This was how I felt most of the times... honestly, the sound was really bad with a slight echo on top of it, I couldn't understand a thing.
The only thing I actually did get was the answer they gave when it came to spoilers for S4: "Watch series 4!" ;)
They said they wanted to put that on a t-shirt. :P

Anthony Head - lovely, lovely man!

Give me five, Metatron (aka Curtis Armstrong)!

Edward James Olmos

Jamie Bamber

David Hewlett
When I met him on Sunday, he was seriously hoarse... apparently he did too much talking on Saturday. How come? *lol*


He said that was his dreamy face! ♥

Sarah Parish, an amazing actor and a really lovely person!

Jack Donelly... very handsome, don't you think? ;)

Robert Emms (I did a picture with him, too, but that turned out pretty weird... sorry^^)

Richard III was a very peculiar play, full of violence and gore, and it definitely won't become a favourite of mine, but Martin Freeman was amazing! I really loved his acting even if it reminded me a bit of Watson. *lol*

As for the pictures of my time in Neath, I'll give you a link to my photobucket (there're even some comments ^^), because they're way too many to post them here. ;)

Enjoy the beauty of South Wales! (Well, at least a tiny part of it.)
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