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Photo meme - day 27

Day 27 - a photo (or photos) that tells a story

(click pic for bigger resolution)

One morning when I came into my lab, the fire brigade had already been there. Why? Because there had been loads of smoke and an atrocious smell coming from our lab. All because of what you see above. ;) We had left those flasks in the heating cabinet over night to let them dry out after sterilisation - and only at about 60 degrees celsius at that. But unfortunately, the cabinet had a short and must have been heating up to way over 120 degrees and that melted almost everything inside, except the glass and the basket. *lol*

The blue stuff you see on the flasks are actually the caps. The flasks are supposed to look like this:


And the yellow stuff around the basket is actually what was left of our pipette tips, which are supposed to look like this:

My colleague was pretty upset about it, but to be honest, I thought it was just fascinating, what enough heat could do to our stuff. *lol*
The smell was pretty awful though and it would linger for a long, long time...
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