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Photo meme - day 25

Day 25 - a photo that represents an emotion

(click pic for bigger resolution)

I'm sorry (again) for the delay, but I actually wanted to take a picture related to the short movie "Das Tor zur Welt", which had its premiere yesterday at the International Short Film Festival in Hamburg where it was very well received. :D
I suppose most of you know that my brother was one of the producers and DoP of this short movie. And it was brilliant! Honestly, I really did love what they made of it! The movie was smart, funny, sad at times, but heart-warming as well, and the underlying message something we all can relate to: "Just look up from your phone and see what happens around you. It's worth the look!" :)

I took the picture at the launch party afterwards and IMHO it shows a lot of emotions: Joy, relief, pride and everything in between. ;)

The old man in the left hand corner, Michael von Rospatt (79), was the main character in the film. He was very sweet, if a bit cheeky. *lol* We chatted quite a bit and I loved his enthusiasm for the whole thing. ♥

Great movie, great day, great everything! :D
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