chayiana (chayiana) wrote,

Fanvid: In The Flesh - Your Arms Feel Like Home (Kieren/Simon)

Yes! I did it! :D The first vid in almost one year... *hangs her head in shame*

But I really couldn't help myself, this little show (which got a BAFTA for "Best Mini Series" last week) just got me hooked like crazy.
And yes, there're zombies. And no, it's definitely not what you expect. So, I dearly recommend you give it try, if you don't know it. ;)

As for this vid...although there're still two episodes left in the series, I *had to* make it now, before they break my heart. There's just no chance in the world Kieren and Simon will have a happily ever after...not even in death. ^^

So, without further ado, I'll give you my first "In The Flesh" vid...enjoy! :)

Fandom: In The Flesh
Music: Your arms feel like home by 3 Doors Down
Genre: slash, angst, h/c
Pairing: Kieren/Simon
Rating: PG-13
***Spoilers up to 2x04***
Length: ~ 3 min
Download (104 MB, zip)
Tags: fanvid, in the flesh
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