chayiana (chayiana) wrote,

Just arrived...

... in good ol' London town. :D

Alas, I was way too early for my hotel room, so I dropped off my bag, looked for the next Starbucks and made myself comfortable with a nice Caffe Mocha.

Later, I'll try to find a nice 2D version of the Hobbit 2 (I just don't like 3D, especially not combined with HFR. Everything looks like animated), before I'll park myself outside the Harold Pinter theatre. I still need for Colin, Brendan and Ben to sign my programme, and I only have today and tomorrow to get them. ^^

Tomorrow, I'll meet up with some guys from HoC to see Mojo again, and on the 2nd it'll be Fortune's Fool.
On Friday I'll be going back... hopefully, if the wind doesn't get any stronger. I've got to admit, that landing earlier probably was the most bumpiest I ever experienced. It was a bit scary. ;) But as you can see I made down in one piece. LOL

Now, all I'm left to say is: Happy New Year, everyone!!! Hope to see you all again safe and sound in 2014. :)
Tags: london

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