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RingCon - Bonn - October 2013

Hi there!

So, last weekend I went to my first RingCon. To be honest, I didn't expect much after three of the guests, I wanted to see because of Merlin, cancelled the convention. I was especially looking forward to meet Charles Dance, but alas he couldn't come, and so couldn't John Bradley and James Cosmo. :(

That left only Silas Weir Mitchell and Rupert Young for me... at least that's what I thought.

To fill my time I registered with the choir workshop. Something I never regretted, it was great! :D I absolutely loved to sing that LotR medley, I still get goose bumps when I think of it. And to sing at the closing ceremony in front of so many people was really something special. But I'm getting ahead of myself... ^^

 photo DSC07282_title_zps3f08f606.jpg

First of all I was a bit surprised when I learned that there was an english speaking MC, and no other than Mark Furgeson at that. He and his Mini-Mark aka Lori Dungey did an amazing job in guiding not only us, but the other guests/actors as well through the convention. I loved that e.g. Mark stayed on stage with Silas to make him feel more comfortable, because it was obvious that Grimm wasn't the main fandom there. ;)

And whenever Craig Parker entered the stage as well, you could be sure to nearly die from laughter. Honestly, I'd go to every con just to see those Kiwi guys (Mark, Lori and Craig) in action. I think you'll know what I mean when you see my pics :P (and there're loads of them under the cuts ^^).

But firstly Rupert Young... he was his charming self. Unfortunately, I missed his first panel on Friday because my train was delayed for 1 1/2 hours, but made sure to attend the second panel on Saturday. He answered all questions in a kind and lovely manner and told us a sweet little story about his nephew who apparently learned very fast that a director has to yell "Cut there!", whenever a scene was done. So, that little guy took it on himself to finish a scene where Rupert was involved with a determined "Cut there!". LOL

 photo DSC07544_copy_zpsc546b403.jpg
Rupert and Mini-Mark admiring bunnysworld's horsey. ;)

 photo DSC07549_copy_zpsd1564a0e.jpg

 photo DSC07559_copy_zpsb4cce8fd.jpg

 photo DSC07579_copy_zps8b34cb99.jpg

 photo DSC07590_copy_zps5cffea31.jpg

 photo DSC07593_copy_zpsa881db52.jpg

 photo DSC07603_copy_zps3b5f2298.jpg

Rupert also crashed one of the GoT panels. Alas I wasn't there, but I've been told it was hilarious. He pretended to be a nervous fan and asked the GoT guys what they think why Merlin became such a huge success. :P LOL

Luckily someone filmed a bit of that:

Next on the list was Silas Weir Mitchell. He was the only one I got a picture with... in a kind of private photo session. ^^ I arrived a bit later for the photo shoot because I had rehearsals with the choir before that. Silas had gone at that point because there hadn't been anyone left for pictures. But I was promised he would return for any late-comers... and so he did. By then it was only me and two others who wanted to take a picture with him, so it was a really quiet and intimate affair. Of course I didn't complain. LOL

After that it was time for his first panel. I suppose he still was a bit nervous, but with Mark at his side, he got used to it very quickly. He got great questions and answered them in funny but also very elaborated ways.

 photo DSC07504_copy_zpsd00a3b0a.jpg

 photo DSC07529_copy_zps50fb184a.jpg

 photo DSC07532_copy_zps364a4256.jpg

And then he was asked if he had been terrified by the Brother Grimms' tales when he was a kid to which he answered that it wasn't those tales which terrifed him but everything from Shockheaded Peter (Der Struwwelpeter), especially the story of the thumbsucker. Mark didn't know those stories, so Silas told him the story of the thumbsucker kid, which - in hindsight - is as horrid as all the other stories in that book. Mark just replied very dryly that everything would make a lot more sense now. LOL

 photo DSC07674_copy_zps85d5a8c2.jpg

The next day a girl brought an original Shockheaded Peter book from home and gave it to Mark.

 photo DSC07661_copy_zpsd767675e.jpg

 photo DSC07653_copy_zps7b4a0415.jpg

 photo DSC07657_copy_zpsacb634c1.jpg
He was clearly shocked! LOL

But my highlight of this con certainly was Craig Parker and the Kiwi group. Gosh! I haven't laughed so hard in a very long time.
On Saturday it was Craig's panel but of course Mark stayed with him on stage. Whoever has seen them together knows you can't imagine one without the other. ^^

 photo DSC07471_copy_zps8a3d2eb5.jpg

 photo DSC07467_copy_zps80064b4d.jpg

 photo DSC07377_copy_zps43602abf.jpg

 photo DSC07388_copy_zps12588741.jpg
Sorry, Craig, you'll never be as tall as Mark. ;)

 photo DSC07456_copy_zps93828482.jpg

They got asked which mystical creature they wanted to have as a pet. The answer was "a dragon", so Mark played the dragon sitting on a perch which Craig gladly provided:

 photo DSC07408-07_copy_zpsfe41e5f5.jpg

 photo DSC07410_copy_zpsd29f15e0.jpg

Don't ask me why Craig was suddenly down there, and where the gummy bears came from he was eating off the floor, I can't remember, but Mark told him they couldn't possibly taste well... with the floor flavour and all.

 photo DSC07464_copy_zps079aae1c.jpg

So, Craig licked Mark's shirt to get rid off the bad taste and actually left a yellow stain on his shirt. LOL

 photo DSC07437_copy_zpsad83d67d.jpg

So, "Bewaaaaare of the gummy beeeaaaaar!" became a running gag.

And on Sunday, right before the closing ceremony, there was the kiwi panel which left us totally and utterly in stitches. They did some impro theatre featuring a German impro duo, a few members of the Starkid Team and also Rupert Young and Daniel Portman (GoT). It's really hard to describe all this, let's just say the whole thing was one of the funniest things I saw in my entire life! Maybe the pics will give you an inkling of it...

 photo DSC07721_copy_zps1706aa7b.jpg

 photo DSC07729_copy_zpsff462ab8.jpg

 photo DSC07735_copy_zps72c7685f.jpg

Luckily, Rupert's and Daniel's entrance also got caught on film:

 photo DSC07742_copy_zps727cfc85.jpg

 photo DSC07775_copy_zpsf90e5d55.jpg

 photo DSC07784_copy_zps4138f8c9.jpg

 photo DSC07782_copy_zpsf1079fa2.jpg

 photo DSC07794_copy_zpsff8b4075.jpg

 photo DSC07798_copy_zpsc7d1147b.jpg

 photo DSC07805_copy_zpsf697cec2.jpg

 photo DSC07824_copy_zps0df1648e.jpg

 photo DSC07848_copy_zps6a76245f.jpg

 photo DSC07877_copy_zpsb58f23c5.jpg

 photo DSC07874_copy_zpsdd224f6b.jpg

And that's it. I hope you enjoyed it a bit. As usual, feel free to snag the pics, but some credit would be very much appreciated. And no hotlinking please, thanks! :)
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