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London October 2013 - Macbeth & Winter London Film and Comic Con

Hi there,

I come bearing some pictures from my latest trip to London. I went there with iolandasblog from 3rd October - 7th October and we had a wonderful and exciting weekend.

First thing on our list was Macbeth at the Globe with Billy Boyd and Joseph Millson (who was very handsome! :D Unfortunately, stupid me didn't take a picture at the stage door, so the one below must do. ^^). I don't think that Macbeth will be my most favourite play by Shakespeare, too bloody, too dark and angsty for me, but it was certainly some great performance we saw, very intense and dramatic.

 photo London1013_17_zpse0c716d1.jpg

 photo London1013_19_zps82217334.jpg

 photo London1013_1_zpsf781376d.jpg
Despite the beard he looked still very young, which was kinda weird. ;)

The next two days we spent at Winter London Film and Comic Con which was held by Showmasters at the Olympia Grand Hall.

 photo London1013_5_zps4ffc4c9c.jpg

There was some amazing cosplay to admire:

 photo London1013_2_zps564462eb.jpg

 photo London1013_13_zps10fc73c0.jpg

 photo London1013_16_zps86557d9c.jpg

 photo London1013_14_zps12c5c062.jpg
The Grinch was hilarious! *lol* The guy stayed "in character" the entire time!

 photo London1013_15_zps760c09ef.jpg

 photo London1013_8_zps51821b3b.jpg

 photo London1013_6_zps80567562.jpg

 photo London1013_3_zps7acf9ebf.jpg
So cute!

These are only a few examples. For everyone who wants to see more, I recommend this:

Of course, there're also a few actors, but I've got to admit I didn't take that much pictures, and most of them turned out blurry anyway, so I hope this will be enough. ;)

 photo London1013_18_zpsed074e60.jpg
Alexander Vlahos

 photo London1013_11_zps40ef0afa.jpg
Mark Lewis Jones

 photo London1013_12_zpsec846011.jpg
Carole Ann Ford

And last but not least the most adorable couple there... ♥

 photo London1013_7_zps8c83d977.jpg
Lexa Doig & Michael Shanks

 photo London1013_9_zps0f184251.jpg

 photo London1013_10_zps4d05f1d5.jpg

They just were so lovely and really, really funny. They're so well attuned to each other, with all the teasing and bickering, we almost died of laughter! *lol*

Hope you enjoyed. :)
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