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Wales Tour 2013 - Day Six

Hi there,

here comes already the second to last entry of our Merlin location hunt. I can't believe how fast this trip went by. :(

Anyway, on day 6 we visited Goodrich Castle, found our way through the Amazing Hedge Puzzle, took a swim in Speech House Lake (well, Merlin did, we just watched ^^) and went to one other location which I'll include in tomorrow's post as I think it's kind of a fitting end for my Merlin location instalments (hopefully).

But firstly, as it became custom, Merlin and Arthur dog... :D

(Pic taken in Goodrich Castle)

Goodrich Castle

2x08 - The Sins of the Father

I think it was really nice of them to fix the castle, wasn't it? ^^

The Amazing Hedge Puzzle

1x11 - The Labyrinth of Gedref

I have absolutely no idea if these are the right spots (probably not ^^), but they certainly look similar enough. *lol*
It was really confusing, everything looked the same, and even when the maze wasn't as big as expected,
it was difficult enough to find the way out. Part of our group instantly found the right way and they had to guide the rest of us out of it.
It was a bit embarassing, to be honest, but on the other hand we certainly did get more fun for our money! :P *lol*

And this is how it looks from above (at least part of it):

Speech House Lake

1x06 - The Gate of Avalon

Go, Merlin, go! Save Arthur! *lol*

Not sure if these are the right trees either, but it definitely was the area where Colin had to do all the running. ;)

5x13 - The Diamond of the Day

I'm sorry, but I had to include this. :(

And that's it for today. Hope to see you all tomorrow with the last entry (well, last entry Merlin-wise ^^).
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