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Wales Tour 2013 - Day Five (part 2)

Well, here we go again... the second part of our 5th day (11th July). :D

After Caerphilly Castle we went to Comeston Medieval Village and Candleston Castle. Unfortunately, we were too late for Comeston Village as they close their gates at 4pm!!! O_O Can you imagine? On a hot summer's day, they close this thing up at 4pm in the afternoon! Unbelievable! By the way, we arrived at 4.30pm. *rollseyes* So, we just walked around it, which had to be enough, especially when looking at our tight schedule. Lucky for us, Candleston Castle doesn't have any opening hours as you can visit it basically by day and night, it's just there...24/7, you just have to pay for the car park, which is cheap. ;)

Today, it's only Merlin dog in the first picture lying on a very special stone... ;)

Comeston Medieval Village

1x10 - The Moment of Truth

3x04 - Gwaine

3x12 - The Coming of Arthur

Candleston Castle

At first a general shot to see how it looks from the outside as it's not that well known... ;)

As far as I know they only filmed "Another's Sorrow" (5x04) here, so everything will be from this episode.

I love this one, because it fits perfectly! :D

And if you haven't figured it out yet, you know now why the shot with Merlin dog in the beginning is so special! ♥
Oh, and look, they even left the fire place! \0/

Hope you still enjoyed it. See you tomorrow! :)
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