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Wales Tour 2013 - Day Two & Four

Hi, me again! :D

I'll put day 2 & 4 (8th & 10th July) into this post as there're both not that image heavy (day 3 will be much "worse" :P).

On day 2 we went to St. Donat's Bay, Dunraven Bay and Margam Country Park (btw. I'll probably do a "Da Vinci's Demons" post, too, as it's filmed in Margam Country Park, but I need to re-watch the episodes before I can do that ^^). And on day 4 we visited Glastonbury Tor, which really seems as if it's home to all the fairies and witches of the world. ;)

(Picture taken at St. Donat's Bay)

St. Donat's Bay

3x07 - The Castle of Fyrien

Boo! They just cut off these beautiful cliffs and put their own mountains into it! :P

On the right hand side you can see that prominent ledge, so it's the same rock formation. ^^

Believe me, it's the same rock they're walking round. It looks completely different
these days because of all the new debris piling up at least 30 inches around it.

Look at those boulders Arthur is standing on... in my pics they're almost covered by debris. O_O)

Dunraven Bay

1x11 - The Labyrinth of Gedref

Not sure if I picked the right spot, but you could always choose your own one in the upper pic *lol*

It's curious how different it looks... without water. ;)

Margam Country Park

5x01 - Arthur's Bane

(Damn the barrier! :P)

Glastonbury Tor

5x13 - The Diamond of the Day

And yes! We went all the way up! *phew* But at least that hill is real! ;)

Well, that's it for now. Hope you enjoyed. :)
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