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Colin Morgan - The Tempest - 4th July 2013

Hi guys,
I'm sitting in my little hotel room, basically killing the time until I can leave for Paddington to get my train to Cardiff. And what's better to kill time than posting pictures of that glorious boy? :D

Yesterday, I saw The Tempest for the second (and a half ^^) time, and oh my gosh, it was so much better than the first time. All the actors showed so much more confidence in their performances, everything felt stronger, more powerful, and also more funny. ;) People were laughing way more than last time. And there was lots of spontaneous applause... e.g. for Ferdinand and Miranda's declaration of love, but also for Colin's harpy. The atmosphere was infectious, and sometimes it seemed the actors had a hard time to control themselves as well. *lol*

The weather was glorious, too, maybe a tiny little bit too sunny, because I actually had to wear that weird sun cap the the theatre provides when the sun is blinding too much. But I didn't care... ^^

Afterwards we went to the stage door and joined that very huge crowd. OMG, that poor boy! But he faced his fans in good spirits and did a lot of autographs, but not for all of them, there're simply too many people. I guess, that was the only thing which was worse than last time when there're only 15 or so of us and he had the time to chat properly with everyone and personalise each autograph (which he didn't yesterday). I had been a bit disappointed I didn't get an autograph this time (for personal reasons), but on the other hand because of the sunny weather I was able to take some nice pictures, and that alone was worth it! :D

 photo CM040713_1_zps140256b5.jpg

 photo CM040713_2_zpsd80dc9fb.jpg

 photo CM040713_3_zps7413ee62.jpg

 photo CM040713_4_zpsb1760338.jpg

 photo CM040713_5_zpsdc8eb653.jpg

 photo CM040713_6_zps2a619d63.jpg

 photo CM040713_7_zpsd802cd5e.jpg

Please no hotlinking! And if you have to take them elsewhere (which I can't prevent, I suppose ^^), please credit me properly! Thanks! :)

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