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Colin Morgan - The Tempest - 9th May 2013

Right now I'm sitting at Starbucks right outside the Shakespeare Globe... brilliant spot to kill the time until I'll be going back to Germany tonight. ;)

And call me silly but I just bought a "groundling" ticket for the matinee this afternoon. I won't be able to see the whole performance, but I thought "What the hell?" LOL I honestly don't have anything better to do since my feet are still kinda killing me and I don't have to leave for the airport before 4pm, so at least I can see half of the play again! ^^

As you've probably already guessed "The Tempest" was worth every penny! Absolutely amazing, not just Colin, but the entire cast/play. Intensive, but funny... simple, but brilliant. I can't and won't say more, because lots of people already praised every detail much better than I ever could. I will tell you only this: Try to get to London and see it for yourself! :D

All I've got for you now are some pics... enjoy, share (as long as you leave my name on it), but no hotlinking please. Thanks! :)

 photo DSC04367_zps4f3e212b.png

 photo DSC04390_zps06fe71eb.png

 photo DSC04373_zps211d18b2.png

 photo DSC04376_zpse6fb6e0f.png

 photo DSC04378_zps8b993188.png

 photo DSC04377_zps781b102a.png

 photo DSC04380_zpse2ebb62e.png

 photo DSC04379_zps2d602609.png

Colin came out shortly after Roger Allam. He asked everyone for their names and chatted happily away, asking where we were from and how difficult it was to listen to Shakespeare in another language than our own, amongst other things. He signed until everyone was happy and in the end he even asked if anyone had their autographs. Okay, there were only 20 or 25 people, so it was a really nice and quiet affair, no hussle, no screaming, just friendly chatter. :) When he went back in he thanked all of us and said that he really appreciated the support... and you could feel he absolutely meant it. :D

And now I can die happily... bye! :D
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