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Since Saturday evening we had about 40 cm (~ 15.7 inches) of snow! That's really a lot for where I live. ;)
So, this morning I took my camera with me...

And even so I can't see the snow anymore (it's the middle of March, for God's sake!!!), it's still beautiful (and a little peculiar), isn't it?

That's our backyard (I live in the rear house):

 photo DSC04153xx_zpsaf12812f.jpg

 photo DSC04152xx_zps109807ef.jpg

... and our street with the river behind the cars:

 photo DSC04157xx_zpse84afbc5.jpg

Good luck digging out the right one! LOL

 photo DSC04167xx_zpse1b860c6.jpg

At work; normally you could have a break there on the bench... now, not so much:

 photo DSC04171xx_zpsbca8c5fe.jpg

... and in case you're wondering, that's a sculpture of two dolphins:

 photo DSC04173xx_zps5a597638.jpg

The next 4 pics I took around a small lake within the city:

 photo DSC04178xx_zps5e79c52f.jpg

 photo DSC04180xx_zpsf3ba2b52.jpg

 photo DSC04183xx_zps687f56be.jpg

 photo DSC04186xx_zps69150cf9.jpg

And the last one speaks for itself, I guess... ;)

 photo e282030f-c663-4967-873d-15765c6b8937_zps5ac68897.jpg

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