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Croch... what?

So, iolandasblog told me about this hobby of hers... crocheting amigurumi! You never heard of it? Me neither! *lol* I mean, I did some crocheting ages ago in school, I even made a shirt for my Mon-chichi back then, but I usually stayed away from anything to do with needleworks and stuff. But when she told me about it, something intrigued me to try it myself. So, I bought wool and a crochet hook and made my first amigurumi:

[My first try]

Yeah, I know the beak turned out a tiny little bit too big and it somehow sits almost on its forehead, but hey, it was a first! :D But you've to admit it's kinda cute, isn't it? ^^

So, despite that I knew I really needed much more practice, the next project was slightly more ambitious, I just couldn't resist...

[... a certain warlock! :D]
Hippie!Merlin! LOL

Don't worry... he got his desperately needed hair cut:

[Isn't he adorable?]


So, what do you say? :D

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