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Sorry guys...

... no pics today and only a few words... there's so little time and soooo many pics! :D But I can already tell you that this was probably my best day on set!

Pretty boys - meaning all the knights (except Lancelot) and Merlin - on pretty horses ALL DAY LONG!!! And even Sir Agravaine joined them at some point! :D

And presumably, there's a night shot which we can watch because it will be on the green in front of the castle. So, I'm just changing clothes and then heading back to Pierrefonds. Keep your fingers crossed it's true! ^^

But I've got one nice spoiler for you:

There's one scene with Arthur, Gwen and Gwaine on the main stairs in the courtyard, where Arthur is determined to go on a rescue mission to save Merlin. Gwen's saying that the "patrol found no sign of Merlin in the woods", but it's too dangerous. Arthur replies that he just can't sit around and do nothing. Gwen kinda tries to reason that he shouldn't go alone...that's when Gwaine - already sitting on his horse - said that Arthur won't be going alone. Apparently Arthur also said, that Merlin already saved is life. After that Arthur gets on his horse, and both of them riding away like hell.

Don't quote me on any of this, but that's what basically was going on. I filmed everything, but for that you'll have to wait...sorry. ;o)
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