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Merlin drabble: "Nobility"

This drabble just popped into my mind, it's my first Merlin drabble, and in english at that! ^^

Title: Nobility
Characters: Merlin, Gwaine
Rating: G (gen)
Word count:
Coda for "The Eye of the Phoenix", so, obviously spoilers for that episode! ^^
Disclaimer: I wished Merlin was mine, but last time I checked he still belongs to the BBC and Shine. ;o)

A/N: Gwaine seems to know a lot about magical creatures and stuff. What if, he had seen the first two wyverns leaving the room? This is my take on that...hope you like it. :D

~~~ Nobility ~~~

“You know, there’s something I keep asking myself,” Gwaine whispered, making sure Arthur wouldn’t hear him.

“What’s that?” Merlin queried hesitantly.

“How could it be that two very angry wyverns suddenly turned away like naughty children who had just been told off?”

“I…I don’t know.” Merlin looked straight ahead, anxiously.

“I’ve seen many things, Merlin, but this…? I suppose I’m not the only one here hiding his nobility,” Gwaine mused. But when Merlin shot him a frightened glance, he continued: “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me…my lord!”

Relaxing, Merlin grinned at his friend. “Thanks, my lord!”

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