chayiana (chayiana) wrote,

Vote, vote, vote...

Voting for round #12 @ merlin20in20 is open. This round was purely about, go and check them out! :D

But more importantly, go HERE and vote for Merlin, Colin and/or Bradley @ The National Television Awards!
is nominated for Best Drama Series, and both, Colin and Bradley, are nominated for Best Drama Performance! YAY! Finally! :D I know, it might be a bit tricky for some of you, because both of the boys are nominated in the same category, but to be honest, it was a no-brainer for me! *lol*

Oh damn, I nearly forgot...there's another poll you should check out! ^^ berlinghoff79  is hosting an Ultimate Fandom Character Battle HERE! The first round is already closed, but there're more to come! Hehe, in the first round Merlin won against Rodney ...oops, sorry, Rodney! ;o) And Arthur is also still in the game. Alas, Morgana and Gwen are out.
Tags: 20in20, merlin

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