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Merlin vid - The Darkness Within

Finally finished the next vid for my prompt table for vid_the_grid.

Believe me, this one hasn't been easy, neither technically nor emotionally, but I just had to make it. I'm not sure if it turned out the way I wanted to, but see for yourself, and I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know, what you think... 

Title: The Darkness Within
Music: When I'm gone by 3 Doors Down
Fandom: Merlin
Table/prompt: Random - Vidder's choice
Genre: drama, angst, partly AU/evil!Merlin
Spoiler through 2x13
Size: 120.5 MB (zipped, *wmv)
Length: 4:23 min

Summary: When Merlin looked into the Crystal of Neahtid the destruction of Camelot wasn't everything he saw...there's been something else...darkness...trying to consume him. He knows he needs to hold on to the memories of his friends and family, of everything they've been through together to not lose himself. But will it be enough when the darkness inside him is growing stronger and stronger? Will they still love him when he's gone?

Download or watch on Vimeo (password: darkness)

Tags: fanvid, merlin, vid the grid
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