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A wonderous tale

I’d like to tell you a story, about something amazing, something wonderful…the story about my tomato! *lol*

Okay, once upon a time… meaning, a few days before Easter this year, I went to the bathroom at work. While I was washing my hands I discovered something quite bizarre. A tiny, little plant had grown out of the sink hole oops, sorry, I've been told it's a plug hole, not a sink hole… *lol*


I really thought my eyes were deceiving me, and I called for help, quite literally. ;o) Thank god, my lovely colleague is a skillful gardener, and so, we tried to rescue that wee little plant. Unfortunately, she couldn’t pull it out that easily, it just sat too tight. In the end she had to rip it off, and we barely kept a rest of the roots. Against all odds, we planted it anyway and hoped it would survive…


And it did! :D


And it grew…

Funny thing was, you could already smell that it was going to be a tomato.


Soon, we needed a bigger pot… Also, we tickled it every once in a while, so it would get a stronger stem.


and it grew…


and grew…


Last week it already showed the first signs of blossoms, and my colleague told me that soon we were getting to the hard part. Obviously, we have no bees flying around in the lab, so, I was supposed to take their place and do the pollinating! Imagine that! *lol*


And on Tuesday this week it began. Two flowers had opened up, and I had to try to get the pollen from the male part to the female part… or something like this. Hey, I’m not the gardener here, I just did what I’ve been told! :P When it comes to plants I normally have two pitchblack thumbs! *lol*


Anyway, so, I tickled the flowers with a cotton stick, first the one and then the other, again and again. And so I did the whole week while more and more flowers opened up.


Yesterday, we had to repot it again and strap it to the pillar you see on the pics in order to prevent it from falling over.


The reason why I tell you this story today, is simple… I’m just tremendously proud! Hehe! Apparantly, I did a good job in ‘playing bee’, because I already have two little tomatos growing. YAY!!!

Can you see them? At least the bigger one? :D


Okay, okay, but now you can see it, right?


I promise, this won’t be the end of the story, merely the beginning... I’ll keep you posted… DEAL?! :D


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