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Camelot defence - The solution

In September 2009 I accidently stumbled over this silly little game at the official website of Merlin. It's called Camelot Defence. It took me almost the entire night back then to finally get through. But I just couldn't stop, before I managed to keep Camelot safe from Nimueh's creatures. *lol* If you haven't played it yet, let me warn's utterly addictive!

Okay, a few days ago I got bored and I thought I could try it again. But this time without letting any of the creatures get through (the first time I played it, some of the bigger ones always got through *darn* and although I completed the mission, it somehow bothered me ^^).

But now, I finally managed to master this game! *insert evil grin* And I made a tutorial for my solution, which is probably only one of all possibilities, but it works for me.

So, this is my solution for the 3rd and final level. I think it's pretty straight forward with only one tricky little bit in it (see my instruction below the pic):

The numbers are simply the order in which you have to place your spells (red = fire, green = earth, white = ice). You won't need any others.

And there's only one time (that's the tricky bit ^^), when you have to remove a spell in order to place it somewhere else. To be precise: Immediately after you placed no 10, you've to remove no 8 and place it as no 11. After that just simply follow the numbers again.

Some general, but important tips:

- make sure you know how to draw the spells (use the first two level for training)
- always place the next spell as soon as it comes available (especially after placing no 10, you've to be quick with the instructions I gave you)
- collect every single jewel, you're gonna need all your strength!^^

Hm, I guess, that's about it. If you've got any further questions, let me know.

And now, go out hunting and make Merlin and Arthur proud! :D
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