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Bit of a shock! But one of the best I ever had...

Creative Junkyard Awards just announced the winners and contenders for the 4th round for which I submitted my Merlin&Freya vid "You're Safe Now" and to be perfectly honest, I still don't believe the outcome... O_o



I really love what they did with the awards... especially the one for "Best Drama". It looks great, doesn't it?

And that's not all... on top of that this time each winner and contender got a lovely review:

Editor: Chayiana
You're safe now
Comments: "I haven't gotten around to seeing Merlin just yet, but this stands on its own as a clear and complete narrative. I don't need to have seen the series to feel pain for these characters. You conveyed exactly what was going on in detail while still putting your own creative spin on it and not just following the story scene for scene, which I like a lot. Really nice use of recoloring to distinguish between the "flashbacks" of Merlin and Freya's brief relationship and the later buildup to their tragic end. You managed to tell a very powerful, moving and saddening story that anyone can appreciate regardless of their previous knowledge of the characters. It's a wonderful piece of work." -- LC

It's quite hard to express my feelings right now... let's just say, I'm really, really...really happy!!! :D
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