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Merlin vid - You're safe now (Merlin/Freya)

I just finished the next vid for my prompt table for vid_the_grid</lj>

Actually, I wanted to make this vid since I watched that ep for the first time (I absolutely loved the story about Merlin and Freya - very sad and touching, yet so beautiful), but it took me over a week to find the right music (and then almost another week to finish it *g*). And I really hope this tune indeed suits their story. :o)

Title: You're safe now
Music: Doctor Who series 4 OST: The Rueful Fate of Donna Noble
Fandom: Merlin
Table/prompt: Random - no lyrics
Spoilers for 2x09 - The Lady of the Lake
drama, romance, episode recap
Size: 71.4 MB (zipped, *wmv)
Length: 2:49 min


Download or watch on Vimeo (password: Freya)

Hope you like it. :o)

Tags: fanvid, merlin, vid the grid

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