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Fanvid Love Meme

Okie dokie, this popped up quite a few times on my flist, so, I just had to join the Fanvid Love Meme at sdwolfpup 's livejournal. :o)

This is how it works:

- Comment with your username and the fandoms you vid for (or a selection you've vidded the most for, if you're all over the place).
- People will comment telling you what their favorite vid by you is, what show/character/pairing they think you vid best, and other positive comments. They can also mention what they think you should vid more of, or anything else concerning what they like about your vidding.
- Pimp it it to your journal!
- This is a love meme. No wank, no insults, no concrit. Just the love, baby!

I rarely do these kind of things, it feels somewhat awkward... *lol*, but yeah, this is my thread! :o)
Tags: meme, vids 'n stuff
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