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Vid The Grid: British TV - Random table

I'm pretty nervous about what I just did, but with all the vid bunnies bouncing around me, it seemed the right thing to do... *lol*

So, here's my table for vid_the_grid

1.80's music2.humour/
5.angst/ lyrics7.secondary character8.romance/love & white10.something different11.colours12.vidder's choice

Finished vids

Prompt 5 - angst/sadness: You Raise Me Up (posted 18/10/09)
Prompt 4 - fun/hapiness: I Just Wanna Make Love To You (posted 14/09/09)
Prompt 6 - no lyrics: You're safe now (posted 05/12/09)
Prompt 1 - 80' music: 9 to 5 (posted 14/02/10)
Prompt 12 - vidder's choice: The Darkness Within (posted 24/07/10)
Prompt 3 - advertisement: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Camelot (posted 26/08/10)
Tags: fanvid, prompt table, vid the grid, vids 'n stuff
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