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Music, Music, Music - in Manchester! *YAY*

Yesterday, it finally was my turn to spend an evening with John Barrowman! :D

As usual, I'm bad when it comes to reports, so, I'm gonna say just this: It was fantastic! Utterly, utterly brilliant... I really enjoyed myself and John B. of course! ^^ Had loads of fun, and an evening full of great music. And OMG... this man has a charisma on stage, it's unbelievable! Once again, it's really a shame he's gay... *lol*

And yes, we've had our little incident in Manchester as well... no, he didn't rip off his pants again (although, seeing him in "action" it wouldn't have been a surprise ^^). This time it was his father who had the laughter (and especially that of his son) on his side. They were all dancing on stage, John, his mother, his father, and all the dancers (two girls, two very handsome men), after John tried - more or less successful - to teach us that "Knock 3 times"-Song. His father had really fun on stage and wouldn't leave. Then he chased one of the dancers (one of the girls ^^) walking like a duck... then he stumbled, bounced into the girl, and fell over!!! I guess everybody in the audience first catched their breath, but no worries, he really was fine! *lol* But *that* was hilarious! OMG, I couldn't stop laughing, and neither could John... he nearly collapsed of laughter. And after he recovered, he said if anyone had recorded that, they should put it on Youtube, because he wanted to see that again... *lol*

So, I guess it's fair game that I link to two people who actually recorded that... ;o)

And now, I've got some pics for you... most of them are a bit blurry, I wasn't using the flash. But anyway, please don't post these elsewhere or use them for icons. Thanks!

If you might ask what John is doing on the floor... he twigged that a girl had just proposed to her girl friend. And of course he wanted to see the ring! *lol*

And then he said they should send him an invitation... ^^ he might pop up *lol* (or not, if there would be too many girls *lol*)

The duet "I know him so well" with Daniel Boys was as beautiful as I expected... just wonderful! *sighs*

And that's it... hope you liked it. :o)
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