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HUB 2 - Sunday picspam and a few notes

Hi guys, as's my Sunday picspam! :D
They're quite a few pics of Burn Gorman, because I promised tmz_cori to take a few extra pics. Hope you'll like them, Cori! :o) 

So, but first a few notes for the rest of the guests as there were:

Burn Gorman (of course) ... He's such a lovely guy, always smiling and grinning, and you could feel that he purely meant it. He's much taller than I thought, and guess what? He remembered me from when we met in December in that cute little hotel at the Thames. He said: "That was really, really strange, wasn't it? But the hotel was brilliant." *gg* I think it was much more strange for iolandasblog and me as it was for him! *lol* And while the photo shoot he - much alike Eve - greeted each and every one very open-hearted, and I've to admit I was a bit surprised when he pulled me instantly in a tight hug ... but I liked that! :D

Phil Ford was just a really kind guy. He said later at the panel that he really was surprised that so many people wanted him to sign their stuff. ^^ But alas, he didn't want to tell me any spoilers about the upcoming christmas special of Doctor Who... *grmpf* but he said something strange that I didn't have to wait until christmas ... ? My guess would be that the first of the last 3 specials will be aired a few days before christmas. I don't know ... I guess, time will tell. *gg* He wrote in my book: "Have patience. All will be revealed". Uh, thank you very much, Phil, that helps a lot! *lol*

Roderic Culver was also very nice, but I think he felt a bit uncomfortable with everything what was going on ... *g*. Who wouldn't understand that? Hey, these guys were mental!! All of them!! *lol*

A few random notes:

Firstly, there was a quite funny thing with Eve and Kai from Saturday which came some belated to my mind. I'm not sure what exactly they were talking about, but I think it had something to do with sports, and Eve said to Kai: "Show them your calves!" and he replied: "They've already seen them!" Eve's look on her face was just priceless!! *lol*
(For all of you who don't know what I'm talking about: Last year, at the HUB 1, Kai and Gareth showed us their calves and thighs, because they said that these were their favourite body parts. And they showed us them quite literally in dropping their pants! *lol*)

When Kai and Burn first met in the autograph room, Kai pulled Burn behind the curtain, at least he tried to pull him *behind* the curtain^^, and snooged him, quite intensely! :D

And Matt told us about his first sex scene he had to do for a movie. Apparently he was so nervous that he immediately took all his clothes off (except his underpants) and asked if they could start. And then the director told him that he shouldn't have done that because it was just the rehearsal! *lol* And when they finally shot the scene, after a while someone called cut, and Matt asked if they didn't have to climax? The answer was: "No, it's for the BBC!"

And now let's go on with the picspam...

Burn and Gareth:

In Germany we would call him a "Seppl"! *lol*

"Why does he get all the attention?" Because he's just sooo cute and adorable, Gareth! Sorry! :D

Matt and Roderic:

There were rumours that Matt would wear ladies pants, and of course he proofed how wrong that was...

Actually, he was carrying the ladies pants under his shirt! *lol*

Kai and Tom:

Could you possibly imagine another greeting than this one? *lol*

And Kai was still worrying about his chair...

And with his microphone Tom let us hear that indeed this one was creaking, too!

"Will it really hold?"

"No worries, Kai, it will hold!" (and by the way ... it did! ^^)

And then there was the skit...but honestly I can't remember so much, my remaining coherence must have shut down at some point. The only thing I remember is that it was incredibly, incredibly funny, that there were two dildos involved, and that it's of no good to talk into a dildo instead of a'll make yourself an idiot and your partner in "crime" will hit you with his dildo on the head! *lol* *lol*

So, let's see the pics of the last panel ... all together again:

Sorry about the blur but I was shaking of laughter...and please don't ask me what exactly was going on, I guess, it was like always...boys dropping their pants ... *lol*

Unfortunately, Burn had to leave quite early, because he had to go back to London to perform "Oliver" that evening.
So, this is the last pic of him...

And some point they have been asked which of the seven dwarfs they would be. Despite the fact that no one of them could name all of the dwarfs, Roderic came to the conclusion that he would be "Grumpy". And when it was time to ask if certain body parts of them have their own names, Roderic admitted that his cock is called "Grumpy" as well... ^^, of course Gareth had to do his impression of Roderic's grumpy cock:

And yeah, I guess it's about time to finish this...*lol*

Hope you liked the pics, and as previously, feel free to snag but please give credit it you're gonna use them. Thanks!

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