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HUB 2 - Saturday picspam and a few notes

Okay guys, as you may know (or not) I really suck when it comes to con reports. So, I won't say too much, just a few general words. I'm pretty sure you'll find some pretty good reports all over the place...^^

First of all, the Hub2 was a blast...just like last year! It was as funny, naughty, witty, and just brilliant as Hub 1, yes, even without John Barrowman! :P

Kai Owen, I guess, was the unluckiest person this year. But really, do they have to bring such instable chairs? *lol* I'm sure the moment he crashed with his chair will be one of the most memorable moments in my life! Sorry, Kai, but *that* was hilarious! And worth for a running gag throughout the whole event...*lol*

Eve Myles...OMG! She is the most gorgeous, most adorable, and most lovable woman in the world, I swear! The photo shooting with her was just amazing, she greeted each and every one as you'd have been her best friend since ages.

Gareth David-Lloyd was just his naughty self! :P He really does know what people like to hear and *see*...but I've gotta say that he was a bit too self-confident and there was also a bit too much alcohol involved for my liking. Maybe that's his way to cope with the jetlag (he just arrived from the US)...I don't know...

Matt Rippy is just hot! :D And well-read, and charming, and...just gorgeous. And he's american (I didn't know that^^), and from what Gareth said he's just mental...hey, no problem for me, because it's in a really good way! ^^ Oh, and he learned quite fast how things are going at a HUB con! *points at icon* *lol*

Tom Price is priceless! No doubt about that...*lol* You could really see that he's a stand-up comedian, he's witty and extremly good in repartee...even with Gareth he mostly had the last word...I loved that! *lol* And he's really absolut favourite this weekend!

Siobhan Hewlett was just sweet. I guess she felt a bit awkward with the others and the whole thing in general, maybe she hasn't expected such a naughty place...*lol* but in the end she got used to it... ^^

The rest I'm gonna save for the Sunday picspam...^^

And now...the picspam :D

Eve and Kai

Hopefully, that new chair will hold...:P

And what would a Torchwood con be without the snogging...^^

Matt and Gareth:

Yeah, Matt learned pretty fast... :P

Siobhan and Tom:

OMG, where have I landed???

Last panel of the day...all together:

And guess for whom the "real" chair is... *lol*

Oh, and did I mention they still love to undo their pants? *lol*

No comment!^^

Sorry, Gareth, when you're doing filthy movements, I can't get you into focus... :P

Gareth and his little companion...:P

Okay, that's it for today. These are definitely not the best pics, but it's kinda hard to get sharp pics when you're not allowed to use the flash....^^ Anyway, I hope you liked them, and if you like to snag, please feel free to do so, but please give credit, if you're gonna use them. Thanks. :o)

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