chayiana (chayiana) wrote,

Rodney's Despair

Kawoosh! - Same Song Challenge (lyrical)
Music: Gravity of love
Artist: Enigma
Series: Stargate Atlantis
Genre: Angst, drama, character
Summary: Rodney struggles with all the losses in the past, with all the dead he feels responsible for. He's desperate. Still, he's not alone, but he has to learn to trust himself and to find the faith in his friends… to find his own gravity of love.
Spoilers: Minor spoilers up to 3x19 (Vengeance) and a tiny little spoiler for "Adrift" (4x01)
Length: 4:06 min
Size: 40,8 MB
Format: *wmv (16:9), zipped, best to watch with the WMP



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