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Look! Two shiny new awards!

Hey guys,

I just had to show them. Two of my vids won an award in the BOTB3 (Best Of The Best) round at Driver Picks The Music Vidding Awards.
*bounces happily*

And here they are:


Aren't they cool? :D

P.S. The first one is supposed to be animated...not a clue why it's not moving *aargh*. When you click on it, it does, but not here...ideas anyone? Huh?

EDIT: Gotcha!!!!! xD Thanks to iolandasblog 's hint, I remembered that the DPTM awards don't work with LJ, don't ask me why, they just don't. All other gif-animated stuff is working fine...^^
Aaaaaanyway, I uploaded it to photobucket and look, it's moving!! *lol* Yay!

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