May 30th, 2014

In The Flesh - Kiss

Fanvid: In The Flesh - Your Arms Feel Like Home (Kieren/Simon)

Yes! I did it! :D The first vid in almost one year... *hangs her head in shame*

But I really couldn't help myself, this little show (which got a BAFTA for "Best Mini Series" last week) just got me hooked like crazy.
And yes, there're zombies. And no, it's definitely not what you expect. So, I dearly recommend you give it try, if you don't know it. ;)

As for this vid...although there're still two episodes left in the series, I *had to* make it now, before they break my heart. There's just no chance in the world Kieren and Simon will have a happily ever after...not even in death. ^^

So, without further ado, I'll give you my first "In The Flesh" vid...enjoy! :)

Fandom: In The Flesh
Music: Your arms feel like home by 3 Doors Down
Genre: slash, angst, h/c
Pairing: Kieren/Simon
Rating: PG-13
***Spoilers up to 2x04***
Length: ~ 3 min
Download (104 MB, zip)

Photo meme - day 20

Day 20 - a photo taken within half a mile of your home

(click pic for bigger resolution)

Sorry for the lack of pictures these past few days. I was extremely busy with other stuff *cough* vidding *cough*, and I honestly had no picture taken within half a mile of my home *shame on me*. So, today, I went and took this picture. It's part of the old town wall and the high tower in the background is the old castle gate, one of the main gates to the inner city of Luebeck. And yes, it's just around the corner... less than 100 metres off my front door. ^^