July 20th, 2013


Wales Tour 2013 - Day Seven

Hi guys,

this is now the last entry concerning the Merlin filming locations. It will be a bit shorter than the previous ones as we had only one location on our list that day. I hope you all enjoyed my entries and thank you all so much for all the lovely comments! *group hug*

On our way back to London we visited Chepstow Castle, which is really impressive and was used for a few episodes in Merlin. Already the day before we went to Huntsham Court Farm (that's the other location I mentioned in yesterday's post), which will pose as a hopefully fitting end to my little series of Merlin locations. :)

Merlin and Arthur looking back at a wonderful and exciting holiday - just like us! :D
(Picture taken in front of Chepstow Castle)

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And that's it!
There will be more, but not necessarily Merlin related, more general pics and impressions of this amazing holiday. :)