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June 19th, 2010

Pierrefonds - 15/06/10

First of all, I'd love to say a huuuuuge THANKYOU for all the lovely comments earlier. I'm so glad you liked the pics and the vid, and I hope you won't mind that there're coming more and more... I took way too much pics! *lol*

This post will have even more pics than the last one... just a few... *coughs* Sorry, but with all the gorgeousness of those boys, especially Colin, it's just too hard to decide. ♥

So, here it goes... my day 2 in Pierrefonds, a bright sunny day with Colin, Bradley, and a little bit of brave and beautiful Katie! :D
You'll also find a little video at the end. :o)

But let me warn you...this entry is definitely not dial-up friendly!!! *lol*

Gorgeous boys? This way, please! :DCollapse )

Pierrefonds - 16/06/10

Thanks so much again for all the lovely comments!!! *hugs you all* ♥♥♥

Okay, are you ready for more? Some pretty horses maybe? Or do you want pretty boys on pretty horses? *lol*

As usual, there's a little vid at the end for the filming on 16/06/10.

Hope you'll enjoy! :D

Here we go again... ^^Collapse )

Pierrefonds - 17/06/10

And here's already my last post for the actual shooting of Merlin (at least for June ^^). There'll be another post with random pics of the castle and general filming stuff (e.g. props, lower town of Camelot, etc.). On Thursday they had some pretty big scenes in the courtyard and also with the stunt doubles, however mainly without the main cast, they were filming some stuff inside. But for what it's worth we had a special appearance of Sir Leon, aka Rupert Young! YAY!! :D

You're gonna find also the last little vid at the end for the filming on 17/06/10.

And for everyone who didn't get it yet... *lol* I was having a blast there!!! :D It was just absolutely AMAZING!!! There're no words to describe that... seriously.

Again, this post is not actually dial-up friendly! ^^

My last day on set... *sniffles a bit*Collapse )

Pierrefonds - random pics

As it was my first time in Pierrefonds, I surely took pictures of the castle itself and its surroundings, and also of the set for the lower town of Camelot and various props, which were displayed throughout my stay.

Among the pics you'll find also some of that little snake we tried to rescue from the birds... ^^ and a beautiful sunset that happened to be on Wednesday night... such amazing colours! O_o

But for this I'm just gonna link back to my photobucket account, otherwise it'll bust up my LJ! *lol*

Pierrefonds Castle

Merlin locations and props

Enjoy! :D



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