May 30th, 2010


Lena wasn't the only one...

... who won tonight! :D

Right after Lena won the Eurovision Song Contest (Congratulations! Great job!), they announced the winners and contenders for the 5th Creative Junkyard Awards.

304 entries
125 finalists
36 winners

These are incredible numbers, aren't they? I mean, look at it... 304 submitted vids!!! That's amazing! O_o

I submitted 2 vids, and while one of it got nothing (which isn't bad at all, because it was already among the finalists), the other one did pretty well! Honestly, I can't believe it... YAAAAYYYYYYYY!!! *bounces happily* This really was a great day! London Expo (which was great as well, pics are coming later ;o)), Lena winning the ESC, and then me winning some lovely awards! This is just... - what did Lena say?- CRAZY!! *lol*

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Expo London May 2010 - Merlin panel pics

Hi guys,

I promised some pics, and here they are. ;o)

The panel itself was fun, Colin looked adorable, Angel and Katie were their lovely selves, and although the sound was lousy and queueing for it was a pain, it was just brilliant and totally worth it.

Loads of pictures!!!

Feel free to do whatever you want to do with the pics! :D No hotlinking!!! And please credit me when you use them. Thanks! :o)