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Happy New Year!

I just wanna wish you all a happy new year and all the best for 2009! I hope it'll be a great year for every single one of you (and for me *gg*).

But I'll be satisfied if it's gonna be as good as 2008, because last year was already an awesome year. I had loads of fun, went to many conventions and theatre plays (with David Tennant *sighs*) and spent far too much money on that, but every single penny was worth it. I met many old friends and made a lot of new friends ... and with the fact that nothing really bad happened in my personal life, I guess, that's all I could wish for, couldn't I?

And 2008 said goodbye with a bang for me ... yesterday, they announced the winners of the Stargate Music Video Awards. As I told you before I was nominated in 7 out of 10 categories in the SGA part of the awards and now guess what? I got the first place in 6 (in words: SIX) categories!!! OMG!! O.o I'm still recovering from that shock ... :D *does the happy crazy dancing* What a great early birthday present! :D

And that's not all ... as you can see I got another pressie from my very good friend lorien_79 ---> my new SPN icon! Isn't it cool? *smiles proudly* oh, and a very sweet birthday card. Thanks so much, hon!!! :D
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