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My first SPN vid ... Yeah!

Some of you might know that I recently hooked up with SPN! *Blimey!* Today, I already bought myself a ticket for the 'Asylum 3' con in Birmingham. :D And now, my first SPN vid is finished, too. *smiles proudly*

Basically, I made it for the special theme round at DPTM this month. When I read the theme for the challenge, there was already an idea in my head, which I simply couldn't get rid off! *lol*

DPTM - Special theme "Supernatural Secondary Characters"
Title: Highway to hell
Artist: AC/DC
Genre: Action
Series: Supernatural
One tiny little spoiler for 4x01 (Lazarus rising)
Length: 2:52
Size: 59.8 MB (*wmv, zipped)
Summary: Simply put, Dean's baby on its highway to hell ...

Have fun! I hope you like it! :D
Tags: fanvid, supernatural
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