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LLL, no Hamlet ... but lots of fun!

So, I just came back from my third trip to Stratford-upon-Avon. Yeah, I know I'm crazy, but honestly? I like being crazy! :P

This time lorien_79 was with me. We planned our crazy trip quite some time ago, but told no-one until the last minute. *gg* We met up on Friday in Stratford, I had a nice journey, but unfortunately, Lorien had a hard time to get there. But I leave this story to her.

On Saturday, 15th November, we stood up way too early to join the queue for return tickets. Not surprisingly, we weren't the only ones. A lot of people, much more crazy than us, had slept in front of the theatre and at the time we got there, the queue already went down a good part of the street (approx. 70 people). When the box office opened they sold about 20 tickets, but then it ended. Now, for the rest of us, there was just the hope that people would return tickets on that day. Basically we wanted to see both plays, but this would have been the best case scenario, we knew that, but we still had faith ... *gg*

So, we split up, each of us in a different queue, one for Hamlet, the other for LLL (which was about to start at 1pm).

And actually we were lucky! Literally in the last minute we got two tickets for LLL. We were the last ones who could get in! *sighs relieved* I'm really sorry for the other guys who couldn't see it, because it was as much hilarious as the first time I saw it. Especially the part when Berowne was throwing his hat towards the tree. Sadly for David, he missed the tree in his last performance ... and the entire audience went: "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" Then, with a grim expression on his face, he picked up the hat and put it on its designated place. It was spectacularly funny!!! *lol*

After LLL we joined the queue for Hamlet again, which, unfortunately, we had to leave to see the play. One of the guys had counted, there were still 34 people in front of us. Long story short, this time we had no luck, but our time in the queue was so funny we don't regret anything. We met so many people, shared chips and muffins, and just had so much fun, not even the rain was really bothering.
When we were told that there was really no chance anymore to get tickets we went to the cafe inside the Courtyard Theatre. And this was quite interesting because we could see the actors for the play in the play changing their dresses and how they were made up. And it seemed as if they had a great time as well! *lol* All the time they were teasing each other and one of them, the guy who played Costard in LLL, snogged one of the "make-up" girls, so that she was black all over her face afterwards. *gg*

At about 9.45pm we went to the stage door where already a few people were waiting. We joined them and when David finally came out we had at least one of the best places. *gg* Earlier, I had bought myself a bunch of Hamlet postcards, so, that David could sign a pic of him holding the scull. ;o)

And he was so sweet while the signing, really relaxed and I guess kinda relieved, but maybe also a bit melancholic because it was all over now (at least in Stratford). He also had to refuse to sign the 'Doctor Who' books of three little boys standing right beside me, and he really was so sorry about that. But then there was a time I worried for a second he would pass me without signing my postcard, and I couldn't have blamed him ... that thing really was small comparing with the programmes the others had, and it was kinda dark, so, I reminded him nicely: "Please, don't forget me!" (Yeah, that's so really me! *lol* How embarrassing!) But his answer was nothing but cute and lovely ... he said: "How could I forget you!" ... *OMG* ... *faints just by the thought of it* ... I only could answer "Thank you!" :D

And then it was over ... a bit sad but nonetheless really satisfied with the outcome of our weekend we went back to the B&B.

Uh, and this time I filmed the whole signing!! Yay! Including my little encounter with David ... but see for yourself:

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