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Hey guys,

I promised to tell you about this fabulous con, didn't I? Thing is, I suck when it comes to con reports, I really do. After a few days, mostly even after a few hours, it always gets blurred ... *gg*

For this con everything I do remember is that it was just great, incredibly funny, a lot of snogging was involved, the mooning while the skit on Saturday and that the guys like to strip! *lol*

For a much better and detailed report of the con, I advise you to have a look at the amazing reports from my good friend shayasar !
She wrote some really great reports, which you just have to read! :o) It starts here and from there it goes on and on and on ... and on ... and on ... *gg*

All I can give you are some pics ... and here they are:

The end .....

Hope you liked them. Feel free to snag if you like but please give credit. Thanks! :o)

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