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R.I.P. Stargate Atlantis...

I feel really sorry and kinda depressed to announce this, but I guess SGA has died for me; at least my wholehearted feelings have died somehow…




I already suspected that fact yesterday when it came to catching up with all the TV shows I missed at the weekend while I’ve been to the Torchwood convention. I had 4 new episodes of the shows I’m watching at the moment. And it wasn’t SGA to which I looked forward the most, no, it was Merlin. So, that was the first instance when I recognised something was wrong.


And then, when I finally watched “Outsiders” it wasn’t something special for me anymore. I got the same feeling as watching House, Smallville, or Heroes. I quite like these shows but I would never call myself a wholehearted fan of them. And in a certain way it scares me that now I’m getting the same feeling with SGA.


But today, when I found that pic from “Enemy at the gate” on 

wraithfodder's journal (here), it ultimately struck me that this is not my favourite TV show anymore. Seeing McKay with Keller finally as a couple? No, I never wanted that. It’s not because I’m a McShepper, no, not at all! It’s because I can’t bear those kinds of relationships between two main characters where they clearly don’t belong. I never wanted some sort of soap opera when I watched Stargate, never wanted a love triangle … come on, that’s just ridiculous, isn’t it? It’s a sci-fi show for god’s sake!



And where the hell are Zelenka, Lorne and Chuck on that pic? Why is this other female technician on it? Did they kill the others off? Oh, I guess TPTB are definitely capable of doing that. But honestly, it doesn’t concern me that much as it should. I assume I’m getting over it, finally getting over the cancellation, but probably not in that way Brad Wright, Skiffy, or MGM would have wished. Of course, I’ll go on watching the show, but it will never be the same as before. I’m surely gonna enjoy it, but just in the same way I enjoy Heroes or House. And in a quite melancholic way that’s it, I’m done …


So, R.I.P. SGA! I’m gonna miss you!


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