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Love's Labour's Lost

Okay, guys, here comes my little incoherent report of one of the best days of my life!

First of all, it was a beautiful, sunny day in Stratford, not a single cloud in the sky and it was pretty warm … it just seemed as if heaven was celebrating with me. *g*


Ok, like I told you before I was really lucky to get a ticket. How lucky I was indeed I learned a bit later when I actually got to my seat. There were two nice elderly ladies sitting right beside me, and one of them asked me right away if I bought the ticket that morning. And then she told me that this ticket belonged to her friend, who unfortunately couldn’t come because her husband fell ill and she had to look after him. She returned that ticket merely a few minutes before I arrived. I couldn’t do anything but to thank her. :o)


The play itself was just brilliant, marvellous, witty … and also quite naughty! :P OMG, I was blushing several times, e.g. there was this Jaquenetta and in her first scene she literally jerked some kind of a mallet off while Don Adriano was fanning his crotch by that view. You just have to imagine that if you can … oh, and by the way, sorry for the language but there’s no better way to describe it. ^^

Honestly, I was laughing so hard my make-up was gone long before the interval. *lol*


And then we had another little incident … it was in that scene when all the friends were secretly (at least they were believing they were alone *g*) preparing a poem or such for their love interests. And when finally Dumaine came on stage he brought a really big - big as in huge!! - book with him. This alone was yet so funny, because the actor (Sam Alexander) isn’t that tall … but with that huge book under his arm he looked even smaller. *gg* But when he opened it there was a little guitar hidden in that book. That was just hilarious, everyone was laughing and clapping (btw, there was a lot of spontaneous clapping throughout the whole play :D and Mr. Alexander told us afterwards that there has never been such an applause to a prop ^^) … especially one little old lady in the first row of the stalls, she just couldn’t stop laughing. She was still laughing when everyone else has long stopped, complete silence except that old lady, still giggling. Now, even the actors were grinning and laughing at her. It was unbelievable funny. *lol*


And then they played so brilliantly with language, especially Don Adriano, the spaniard, with his strong accent … two examples I can remember quite well:

His approach to Holofernes and Sir Nathaniel “Men in peace, well encountered!” – but he pronounced ‘peace’ like ‘piss’ … :P

And a bit later he said to Holofernes something like this: “… to crave your ass…” then he paused (laughter in the audience as you can surely imagine *lol*), and resumed: “… assistance!”


I really can’t tell all the witty little parts (the rap [or was it hip-hop, I always confuse these styles], when the audience was animated to clap along, the friends disguised as russians with big beards and the bear! *lol*, the dancing and singing) … it’s just too much. One just had to see it!


And then there was David. Gosh, he’s just brilliant! There’s no more to say! You really could see how much he enjoyed it. All his facial expressions, the hair(!!!) …  He was so cute, and cheeky, and naughty, and …uh, just everything! And when he exposed his chest while teasing Rosaline … *fans herself* … I guess I don’t have to describe how incredibly sexy that was, do I? :P Me, I’m wondering which of these was better? The view at his ‘Calvin Klein’ underwear in Hamlet or the exposed chest hair yesterday … *lol*

And I just adore his natural scottish accent, this is just so him!


It was really a great day! And because this was the matinee performance I had the chance to take quite a few nice pics of David while he was signing after the play. And here they come, along with a few other pics. :o)

Don't worry! I took the pic before the play even started. They were gathering on stage a few minutes before the lights were turned off.

It's all about concentration! ^^

Yay, he's signing my programme! *bounces happily* I was pretty close to him, wasn't I? *gg*

The proof! ;o)

I finally found the Dalek! *lol*


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