chayiana (chayiana) wrote,

Call me mad!

Yeah, I think you really can call me completely mad, crazy ... whatever, but I did it! Can't believe I did it!

"OMG, what the hell is she babbling about? Get to the point, my dear!"

Of course, I'm just getting to it ... so, be calm! *lol* 

I bought a train ticket to Stratford-upon-Avon. For what purpose, you may ask? Eh, isn't that obvious? ^^ I just needed to see Love's Labour's Lost. Maybe I should mention that I hadn't got a ticket ... So, this morning (way too early, by the way) I got on the train, took a 3 hours ride and finally landed here - in Stratford-upon-Avon. I thought, first things first, so I went directly to the Courtyard theatre, believing that it'll surely be a big disappointment and there'll be no returner ticket for me ... but I was wrong, soooo wrong!!! :P

I went to the desk, asked the nice lady if there was a ticket ... and *OMG* ... it was! YAAAYY!!! Circle, Row C for £26!!! Last one for the matinee ... O.o Wow! I still can't belive it, but in less than two hours I'll see David Tennant again ... this time in some really weird trousers ... *lol*

I just can't even begin to describe how happy I am right now ... and excited ... and nervous ... and hell what not ... :D

So, see ya soon ... and hopefully I'll be coherent enough to tell you how it was ... :D
Tags: david tennant, love's labour's lost, stratford-upon-avon

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