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I'm always late, am I?

sinaida already posted her wonderful fic this morning in our little comm sga_wortundbild but I'm late as usual to update my LJ! ^^

But I just have to mention that I had the pleasure and the honor to make a vid for her story. So, and here it is:

Length: 1:48 min
Size: 35,3 MB (wmv, zipped)

And I'm really, really sorry for everyone who doesn't understand german, because sinaida's fic is just brilliant, but anyway, for watching the vid and looking at the wonderful cover which was made by lorien_79 you don't need to. ^^

And here you can find the fic and the cover. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! :o)

Tags: cover, fanfic, fanvid, mckay, sheppard, slash

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