chayiana (chayiana) wrote,

Yay! I made it ...

I won! *does the happy dancing*

They just announced the winners for the big annual german SG-P FanArt Awards ... and my vid made the first place in the category for the fanvids!!! *still can't believe it*

I submitted my very first crossover vid (with the Doctor) "The lost button" ... and because it *was* a crossover (and not purely Stargate), I was a bit concerned, if the jury would like it. Yeah, with this award it was a hard judging jury, not a viewer's voting, who decided about everything! ^^ So, it really means a lot to me, that I actually did win the first place! *sighs happily*

Okay, for everyone who still doesn't know what I'm talking about, here it is:

The Lost Button

a Stargate Atlantis/Doctor Who crossover vid

You can download it here directly or at my music vid archive or just watch (password: button)

Oh, and I've to mention that my good friends[info]lorien_79  and[info]kj_svala also succeeded brilliantly:
[info]lorien_79  got a first place with her icon series and a second place for her drawing (which is really, really awesome by the way!)
and[info]kj_svala  got a second place for her wonderful Ben Browder wallpaper!!! Congrats to you both! :D
Tags: doctor who, fanvid, sg-p fan award, stargate atlantis

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