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[Icons] various TV shows

These icons are for round 8 @thecw_20n20, a special round where we were allowed to use any tv show on The CW. To be perfectly honest, I'm not that fond of these kind of challenges... with so many shows/seasons/episodes to choose from I can never decide which screencaps I should use, and in the end for me this gets more annoying than inspiring. :P *lol*

Hope you like them anyway... :)

10 Themes
Blur Circle Duotone Dye Job Element
Hero Lips Nature One Word Purple
Category | Summer Palette
01 02 03 04 05
Artist's Choice
01 02 03 04 05

As usual,

  • if you'd like to use them, please credit me

  • no hotlinking

  • don't use them as bases

Thanks! :)
Tags: 20in20, arrow, challenge, icons, izombie, legends of tomorrow, reign, supergirl, supernatural, the flash

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