chayiana (chayiana) wrote,

And the next voting! ;)

And this voting is kinda special. Not only are there eight truly amazing sets of icons (YAY!), but it also marks the end of tvcharacter20 here on livejournal. :((( The owner of the community decided to move to DW because of the new TOS. I surely understand and accept that decision, but I don't think I'll follow, not yet anyway. But that's a different story entirely.

For now the artists over there need your votes! So, please, take a few minutes and have a look at these gorgeous icons. It'll be very much appreciated.

Themes | Category | Artist's Choice (FYI: For category and artist's choice you'll be voting for your two favourite sets and six individual icons)

Thanks! ♥
Tags: 20in20, icons, voting

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