chayiana (chayiana) wrote,

Re: Spoilers "Remnants"

Okay, after me giving lorien_79  a sleepless night, maybe some of her readers might think "What the hell is she babbling about?" ^^

So, I thought, it's time to do some explanations ... Okay, guys, major spoilers for "Remnants" ahead!

After they put these nice spoilery pics of "Remnants" on the web, I remembered something I once read on the same site.

Look for the part with Shep, Kolya, ... and the hand! (if you dare ... ^^)

So, considering Joe Mallozzi a "Doctor Who"-Fan, I just had one thought. Blimey! That's "The christmas invasion"! Okay, Kolya doesn't look like a sycorax (apart from the bad skin maybe :P), and it doesn't take place on the edge of a big invading space ship (hey, a cliff is pretty much close to that, isn't it?^^), but other than that, what other explanation could there be that Kolya's gonna cut off Sheppard's hand? *evil grin* ... at least apparently ... No, I don't think, that Shep will grow a new hand ^^, but obviously it was an imagination and the hand is back in place afterwards ...

So, does Mr. Mallozzi watch too much of the Doctor or what do you think? *lol*
Tags: doctor who, remnants, spoiler
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