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Person of Interest - Icons!

A few days ago I finally set up my dreamwidth account, but I have yet to test the crossposting option. And what better way is there than to drop some icons I made for my latest tv show obsession? ;)

Hope you like them.

1.  photo FinchBear2_zps69caef70.png   2.   3.  photo Finch1_zpsec8fecc0.png   4.  photo ReeseFinch2_zps019b29d1.png

5.   6.   7.  photo ReeseFinch4_zpscabb6906.png   8.  photo ReeseLeila3_zps66080eb8.png

9.  photo ReeseLeila1_zps516e5e38.png 10.  photo Reese5_zps672be4af.png 11. 12.  photo Reese6_zps17a440c1.png

13. 14.  photo Reese8_zps58b99778.png 15.  photo Reese10_zps5074dac1.png 16.

17.  photo ReeseFinch5_zps09ac251e.png

In case someone's wondering about the last one... I made it with this avatar tool, quite nifty indeed! :D

As always, feel free to snag, but please credit me when using. Comments are ♥♥♥ ! And please, no hotlinking.

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