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Merlin vid - You Raise Me Up

Finished my second vid for my prompt table for vid_the_grid , my first Merlin vid! :o)

Hope you like it.

Title: You Raise Me Up
Music: Westlife (Intro taken from Josh Groban's version)
Fandom: Merlin
Table/prompt: Random - angst/sadness (also h/c, friendship)
Spoilers up to 2x03 (The Nightmare begins)
Size: 122 MB (zipped, *wmv)
Length: 4:55 min

Summary: Only allowed to use his magic in secrecy, Merlin is struggling on his way to become the greatest warlock ever - but with Gaius at his side to guide him he'll make it through.


Download or watch on Vimeo (password: Gaius)

Tags: fanvid, merlin, vid the grid
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