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Voting! :)

Voting for round #71 @ tvcharacter20 is open!

Be sure to check out those fabulous icons! :D

Edit 10/10/2016:

Tie-Breaker voting this way! ;)

[Icons] The Flash - 2x03 & 2x13

I told you, there'd be more icons! I'm really lucky my muse is working overtime. :D

These are for round 10 @ episodes20in20.

1 color quote fake background half face grunge
red text close crop + vibrant hero last scene
cat 1 cat 2 cat 3 cat 4 cat 5
ac 1 ac 2 ac 3 ac 4 ac 5

Feel free to snag, but please credit me if you use them. And no hotlinking. Thanks! :)
It's been quite some time since I last created some icons, but being completely hooked on The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow I finally felt inspired again. So, I joined two communities, tvcharacter20 and flarrow_stills, to further tickle my muse... and it worked. ;)

tvcharacter20 is a 20in20 community, which is always nicely challenging, and flarrow_stills has - from what I gathered - some nice small and frequent challenges with only 3 or 4 icons to make.

And here is what I made for thoses comms so far.
First the icons for round #71 @ tvcharacter20 ( I chose Leonard Snart):

annoyed brown desire guess who my mood
silence smile tired two toned background unique

Category - Life Events
1 full-on villain mode 2 first convergences 3 joining team hero 4 standing by friends 5 becoming a true hero

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5

Credit for the text brush in 'desire' goes to artphilia. Thanks! :)

And now the icons for challenge #51 - "Team Colors" @ flarrow_stills (I chose Legends of Tomorrow):

1.    2.    3.    4.

Feel free to grab if you like them, but please credit me if you do. And no hotlinking. Thanks! :)

it took me some time (sorry!), but now I've finally sorted out my pictures of the last three places I visited: Kidwelly, Tenby (& St. Catherine's Island) and Laugharne.

Okay, on my third day in Wales I went to Kidwelly, because of the beautiful castle they've got there. And I "found" the first of a few geocaches I managed to get in Wales. I put "found" in quotation marks, because when you simply have to ask for the cache while buying your entry ticket for the castle, it isn't really that much of an effort, is it? *lol* Basically, it's a bit awkward, but the nice shop lady seemed just amused and smiled at me while handing over the big cache box. :D

WARNING! You are about to enter a very, very... very picture heavy zone! ;)Collapse )

Hi there,

I can't believe it's already been a week since I got back from my trip. First there were some very exhausting, but equally exciting days in London with iolandasblog, where we attended (more or less) the LFCC. As there weren't many interesting guests for both of us, we came up with our own entertainment programme a.k.a. geocaching the hell out of London! ;) That was fun! :D We also went to the cinema and watched Star Trek: Beyond in the IMAX at Leicester Square. Although it was definitely the most expensive trip to the cinema in my entire life, it was totally worth it! The whole IMAX experience was fabulous and the film itself was great, too.

On 31th July iolandasblog went back to Germany while I travelled to a little welsh town called Carmarthen to have some nice quiet days for myself. ;)

Well, I promised some of you to post pictures, and here they come. I took over 700 pictures and will only post a few of them, but I'm sure you'll understand. ;)

First a few impressions of London ...

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It's been a long time... again... ;)

Okay, so, I've been watching The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow right from the start, but only recently I discovered the great chemistry Barry Allen and Leonard Snart have. Since then I became a little bit obsessed with those two. And you know what it usually means, when something like this happens... right, it's time to make fanvids. *lol*

So, I'll give you my first ColdFlash vid! :D


If you'd like to watch it, you'll find everything you need @ julesvids here. Enjoy! :)

New fandom, new vid!

I just fell for Marvel's Daredevil, got completely and utterly hooked on this simply amazing show! And after binge-watching the first season two times in a row, I just had to make a vid for it. :D

Let it burn_medium

You can watch the vid here @ my vidding journal. Hope you enjoy! :)
See? It didn't take me too long to post the last part. ;)

Okay, for my last day in Wales I had a very special (at least for me it was special ^^) location in mind, I wanted to see and explore. I even bought a torch in Merthyr Tydfil for the occasion. ;) So, what do you think it was I wanted to see? Right. A cave! But not just any cave. I wanted to visit Porth yr Ogof which was Balinor's cave, and it also appeared in "Aithusa".

But first I had to get there... and that wasn't too easy. I took the train to Aberdare, and then the bus to Penderyn, but I couldn't get any nearer than this, which meant I had to walk the rest of the way, around 6.5 km or 4 miles (one way). Well, that didn't sound too bad, but I hadn't thought of the differences in altitude. The road I took went up and down, up and down. *lol* But finally, after about 1 1/4 hours I arrived at the "Four Waterfall Car Park", also the location of Porth yr Ogof. At that point I didn't even want to think about the fact that I had to walk all the way back again. ;)


This is what the information board at the car park said:
"Porth yr Ogof is a popular cave system consisting of approx. 2.5 km of underground rivers, dry passages, pools and submerged passages known an sumps."
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Hi again! ;)

Something I probably should mention is that I had no car, so, wherever I went I took the train or bus... or just walked. ;) Sometimes it gets really interesting, when you have to think about a particular route or place you wanna go and how to even get there. ;)

So, on Tuesday I made a trip to Merthyr Tydfil, but on the way there I got off the train at Quaker's Yard, a tiny little village halfway to Merthyr Tydfil. Thanks to merlinlocations I learned that the Pontygwaith bridge, where Uther and Lady Catrina had their picnic, had to be nearby. After actually finding the secluded trail indicated on the map alongside the river, I took a nice stroll and arrived at the bridge about half an hour later.


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I'm back for two weeks already, but somehow never found time to post anything from my latest trip to good old England and Wales. So, what about now? ;)

First (same as last year) I went to London Film and Comic Con, which was even bigger than last year due to the new location, Olympia Kensington.


And this was only part of the ground floor, there were three more floors with guests, photo booths, stalls (many, many stalls!) and lots more!

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In The Flesh vid and a new journal

Hi guys,

I've to admit, I have absolutely no idea why I never posted my latest ITF vid on here... O_o
I made it back in June after the series finale and only posted it on a couple of forums *shame on me*.

But before I'll finally show it to you, I've got an important announcement to make! :D

I created a new livejournal, one solely for my fanvids! *tadaaa*

So, hop over to julesvids, have a look and let me know what you think! :D

And there you'll also find my latest creation, another Kieren/Simon vid. :)

See you on the other side...


I'm back!

I had a lovely holiday. I attended LFCC in London, went to see Martin Freeman in Richard III, and did loads and loads of sightseeing in the beautiful Waterfall Country of South Wales. And what did I bring back? Yeah, you guessed it! Pictures! Tons of pictures! :D It took me a few days to sort them out, but finally I'm ready to post them. Hope you enjoy. :)

First a few pics of the London Film and Comic Con 2014. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of myself on Saturday when I did the first cosplay at a con in my life. I went as a PDS sufferer (and if you still don't know what that is, watch "In The Flesh" already! *lol*) and scared quite a few people with my white-out contact lenses. ^^ And one girl actually recognised my costume, she told me how much she loves ITF and even asked for a picture. That felt weird somehow, but kinda cool as well. :D

I actually had a photo shoot ticket with Anthony Head that day (I swapped it for my Jack Donelly shoot, which I couldn't attend because I had to catch my train to Neath on Sunday), but they cut the shoot off at no. 100 ( I had no. 188) and did the rest late in the afternoon. But because we were going to see Richard III, I had no time to wait for that. Damn! Two missed photo shoots in a row! :( At least I got my photo with David Hewlett on Sunday! Yay!

click for moreCollapse )

Richard III was a very peculiar play, full of violence and gore, and it definitely won't become a favourite of mine, but Martin Freeman was amazing! I really loved his acting even if it reminded me a bit of Watson. *lol*

As for the pictures of my time in Neath, I'll give you a link to my photobucket (there're even some comments ^^), because they're way too many to post them here. ;)

Enjoy the beauty of South Wales! (Well, at least a tiny part of it.)

[In The Flesh] 18 icons

This was probably inevitable, when I fell head over heels for this incredibly terrific show. *lol*
So, here're some icons... hope you like them (even if you still don't know the show - shame on you! :P)

001 002 003
004 005 006
007 008 009
010 011 012
013 014 015
016 017 018

Table generated using angelamaria's Icon Table Generator.

Usual rules: Feel free to snag, but please give me some credit. ;) And please don't hotlink. Thanks. :)

Photo meme - day 30

Day 30 - a photo of something big

(click pic for bigger resolution)

I thought a picture of the really huge fireworks in London for New Year 2014 was fitting for the last pic of this meme. :D

It has been great fun! I hope you enjoyed it as well. :)

And thanks for all your lovely comments! :D


Photo meme - day 29

Day 29 - a photo of something small

(click pic for bigger resolution)

So sorry for being late all over again... real life got very busy these last days and on top of that I was really struggling to find a picture of something small.
So, in the end, I'm going with this horse fly I came across outside the Clearwell Caves. It's not exactly small, in fact it was enormous!!! O_O At least 6-7 cm long, very scary. Made a sound like a whole bee swarm. But in comparison I suppose it's still small, even when it scared me to death when it flew directly at me. *brrr*


Photo meme - day 28

Day 28 - a photo of something/one special to you

(click pic for bigger resolution)

As I'm not feeling comfortable posting pictures of my family (they're the most special to me), I'll go with London. ;)


Photo meme - day 27

Day 27 - a photo (or photos) that tells a story

(click pic for bigger resolution)

One morning when I came into my lab, the fire brigade had already been there. Why? Because there had been loads of smoke and an atrocious smell coming from our lab. All because of what you see above. ;) We had left those flasks in the heating cabinet over night to let them dry out after sterilisation - and only at about 60 degrees celsius at that. But unfortunately, the cabinet had a short and must have been heating up to way over 120 degrees and that melted almost everything inside, except the glass and the basket. *lol*

The blue stuff you see on the flasks are actually the caps. The flasks are supposed to look like this:


And the yellow stuff around the basket is actually what was left of our pipette tips, which are supposed to look like this:

My colleague was pretty upset about it, but to be honest, I thought it was just fascinating, what enough heat could do to our stuff. *lol*
The smell was pretty awful though and it would linger for a long, long time...


Photo meme - day 26

Day 26 - a photo of something old

(click pic for bigger resolution)

A gargoyle at the walls of Pierrefonds Castle. ;)


Photo meme - day 25

Day 25 - a photo that represents an emotion

(click pic for bigger resolution)

I'm sorry (again) for the delay, but I actually wanted to take a picture related to the short movie "Das Tor zur Welt", which had its premiere yesterday at the International Short Film Festival in Hamburg where it was very well received. :D
I suppose most of you know that my brother was one of the producers and DoP of this short movie. And it was brilliant! Honestly, I really did love what they made of it! The movie was smart, funny, sad at times, but heart-warming as well, and the underlying message something we all can relate to: "Just look up from your phone and see what happens around you. It's worth the look!" :)

I took the picture at the launch party afterwards and IMHO it shows a lot of emotions: Joy, relief, pride and everything in between. ;)

The old man in the left hand corner, Michael von Rospatt (79), was the main character in the film. He was very sweet, if a bit cheeky. *lol* We chatted quite a bit and I loved his enthusiasm for the whole thing. ♥

Great movie, great day, great everything! :D


Photo meme - day 24

Day 24 - a photo taken indoors

(click pic for bigger resolution)

This is my London wall tattoo in my living room. :D